6 Ways to give the Salwar Suit a Chic Makeover

6 Ways to give the Salwar Suit a Chic Makeover

Here are the types of suit you can opt for in order to make out in this, which gives an edge to the same part and you can go to any get together and shows your elegance with these stylish outfits, as compared to others you will rock the audience.

These 6 Salwar Suit give your Chic Makeover

  1. Straight suit: This is one of the types of suit you can wear in normal days and occasions which shows the elegance and decency of your outfit as compared to the other person. Straight salwar suit is having shirt and a trouser with no pleats in its bottom part. A long or a short shirt can be used for this.
  • Having shirt with trouser.
  • Dupatta is being used.
  • Online availability is there.
  • Stitched and unstitched you can both get online
  1. Anarkali Suits: This is a type of suit which you can surely make out in any get together, It is having long shirt with no open ends from side and having trouser which is hardly seen on the outfit as shirt covers the whole.
  • Dupatta is being used with the suit.
  • Long in style.
  • Party wear.
  • Looks elegant
  • Having online purchase availability as well
  1. Palazzo suit: This is actually in the trends an year ago and still in demand, usually the palazzo suits are openly stitched with wide trouser and loose from the waist, this is actually a party wear style you can opt for.
  • Comes in three piece set.
  • Having dupatta as well
  • Loose from the waist and legs
  • Online availability, you can check.
Palazzo suit

Palazzo suit

  1. Gown style suits: This is a best part of the outfit which you can make out for any festive season. In this a long shirt just lie as gown, with which palazzos can also be used for lowers or else you can go for leggings as well.
  • Dupatta can be used with this.
  • New type of suit attire can be used
  • Fully fashionable and party wear.
gown suit

gown suit

  1. Patiala suit: This type of suit is basically derived from the origin of Punjab in the city (Patiala), the speciality of patiala suit is that the look is fully Punjabi, which can make out in every part and get together.
  • Having heavy pleats in the lower.
  • It attracts from the back.
  • Short shirts can be used with this type of trouser.
  • Dupatta is needed to be used.
  • Make out and try a new fashion look.
  1. Frock suit: The one we usually see which is frock, which this style only a full frock suit is being prepared now in the market, and you can use that in any function which is the perfect combination of decency and elegancy. A long shirt is being used with the same without showing lowers with it.
  • A slim fitted bottom.
  • Majorly suits on the girls who are slim.
  • Girls looks taller in this.
Frock suit

Frock suit

  1. Bandhani Salwar Suit: This is a type of cloth which is called as like tie and die type of textile is being used here in this. The stuff and the print is like dotted one majorly whenever you but the shirt its like a printed dotted one.
  • Originated from the Rajasthan Valley.
  • Salwar can be used with this as lowers.
  • Leggings can also be used with it.

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