Traditional Wedding Wear Saree For Dulhan

Traditional Wedding Wear Saree For Dulhan

Traditional Wedding Wear Saree For Dulhan

India has been known to have wonderful dresses and costumes.

One of the most expressive clothes of women’s femininity & accepted attire is saree .

This attire can cover body head to toe.

Making a woman look modest & bashful.

The Indian woman & saree are inseparable from each other .

The Indian_saree still a preferred garment for most women in India .

Even on marriages in different states of India ,the cultural as well as modern occasional dresses of the bride_are_sarees only


There are plenty  of sarees_manufactured in different types of clothes.

The cost of the sarees varies according to the quality of cloth & work done by the artisans on the sarees .

Indian sarees are available in wide range of the colours using different fabrics likes brasso_sarees ,georgette_sarees , chiffon_sarees , crape_sarees also .

Sarees are worn according to be appropriate season,climate ,situations ,festivals, functions & occasions.


For example in summer women wear sarees  made of cotton cloth.

In wedding women wear georgette sarees ,embroidery saree ,chiffon saree ,

printed saree etc.

Fashion changes every now & then with the trend.

People also change their dressing style.

Women’s also change their dressing style.

The style of wearing saree has also changed with the time.

Now- a- days different patterns & designs of sarees are available.

Bridal Sarees :-

Being a bride is one time portability for every women & it becomes important to make it special by means of purchasing best apparel jewelry & soon while selecting bridal sarees it is essential to take  in to account  your body structure ,weight ,skin, colour & so on.Keeping all these things in mind select the best possible saree  which will make you look completely like a angel.

Depending on religious like Marathi where ,you need now waan , Gujarati  need paanetar ,Punjabi need Lahenga & so on.

Our B4ufashion provide wide range of variety of saree  as per different religion.

The colour of saree play very important role as red is mostly accepted colour in India .But there are some culture like Gujarati they need Panetar with white colour with maroon border , as their wedding saree. Yellow colour  is preferred by bride of Uttar Pradesh & Bihar .In this way every culture describe some other colour & it has some significance meeting towards it.

In these bridal sarees embellishment done in an artistic way for bridal sarees emballishment is. The most important part as it changes the entire look of saree

At our B4ufashion you can find complete mixture of zari work , bedded work ,zardoshi work, embroideries & so on in new fresh colours which can make you look unique as a bride.



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