How To Keep Your Saree Collection Safe At Home

How To Keep Your Saree Collection Safe At Home

If you live in India, or you just love the Indian culture and you are particularly interested in sarees and other traditional Indian clothing, you probably have a nice collection in your closet. Each saree usually comes with its captivating story, carrying you back to your teen or childhood years, or reminding you of your great grandmother. Or maybe you have been gifted one from a friend or a person you care about, so it has a sentimental value for you. Whatever might be driving you to keep your sarees in your home, one thing is for sure: you need to do everything in your power to keep them clean, nicely wrapped and safe from the hands of potential thieves. Yes, even sarees can fall into the hands of thieves, whether in stores or at home.

Let’s find out what are the most efficient home storage solutions for your beloved saree collection. drawer lock

How To Clean And Store Different Types Of Sarees

  • Cotton sarees can be washed by hand and dried under a shade in order to prevent fading. Black and other dark-colored cotton sarees should, however, be washed separately since they are known to bleed. It is also a good idea to starch these sarees for a crisp look.
  • Silk sarees should be dry cleaned no matter if they are modern-day sarees or the older and more traditional versions such as Kanjeevarams. It is best to wrap the sarees up using muslin clots and store them in dark and cool drawers. Use the corners of the drawer for better results. Silk sarees can also be washed by hand. Just keep in mind never to use a brush in the process. All stains should be taken care of by professional cleaners.
  • Chiffon sarees can easily get torn apart during improper handling. Avoid wrapping them tight or pinning them using a lot of safety pins, or you will risk seeing them tear apart if over-stretched. Refold them continuously to prevent folding tears.
  • Organza sarees should also be given extra attention, as they can get torn apart easily. Never, under any circumstance, wash your organza saree in the washing machine. Use the dry cleaners instead. The same goes for satin sarees. These sarees should also be regularly refolded to avoid seeing their beautiful shape go to waste.
  • To prevent potential home burglars from sneaking in and taking off with your expensive sarees, make sure you have sturdy, hard to pick locks on your entryways. Deadbolt locks are the most popular and at the same time the most efficient home security solutions you could opt for. Add a portable padlock or a small-keyed lock on the closet you will be using as storage for them. If you wish to step into the future, you can take smart or electronic locks into account. Talk to an expert locksmith service like Get- Locksmith and schedule an appointment. Let the pros assess your current lock needs and choose the most reliable locks you can afford right now.
  • Consider installing a home alarm system if you do not already have one. Your gorgeous collection of sarees will not be the only one that will benefit from the advantages of having such a system fitted. Keep your entire home with the prized possessions in it, as well as your family or the rest of the household members, pets, and confidential files or personal documents safe from the hands of crooks.

Additional Saree Maintenance Tips

Use salt in the water you are going to use to wash your sarees with. Salt helps lock colors in and prevent them from bleeding into the rest of the fabric

Wash your saree using cold water and repeat the process at least two more times prior to using detergent on them.

Speaking of detergents, keep in mind most chemicals in them will ultimately fray the threads and cause them to tear. Try to use chemical-free, organic detergents. Avid wringing a saree after washing it. Instead, roll it into an absorbing towel to pull out as much of the water as you can and hang it out of the sun to prevent seeing the colors fade. When in doubt, use dry cleaning.

Place your saree between two pieces of cloth when you need to iron it to prevent burns and get that nice and crisp feel.

Use special saree bags for storage and remember to air out each saree after use.

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