Foremost Colors of Navratri Special

Foremost Colors of Navratri Special

Foremost Colors of Navratri Special

Navratri is festival of colors, music and celebration. It is about celebrating with colors and music. Navratri is an festival which has dozens of excitement in each soul playing raas around, round and round in the tune of Goddess Durga Maa.
People wear Kanjivaram silk sarees in addition to lehenga cholis in Navratri special while playing garba raas leela where wearing kanjivaram sarees feels enlightened, sparkling in the night light.
There are some several certain colors which have made place in Navratri times since long time, they feel like they are homie colors. Let’s go to the nine colors which have secure place in nights of Navratri lighted times:-

Red color:-

This is the color which has made place not only on Navratri special but also on other ritual festivals as well, as this color has heavenly feeling being Hinduism and following the rituals of festivals.

Yellow color:-

Yellow is the first most favorite and trending color of Navratri times as an part of chosen garba group color. It is like heart of navratri festival. People are mad on it as it is common color and foremost used one.

Kanjivaram Saree

Green color:-

Green colors seems as an evergreen part color. It’s style never fades away, weather it is meant to be wore on weddings, festival or any function.

Purple Kanjivaram Saree

White color:-

White is must color as it is peace full color it makes an environment as soothing and peaceful. White is an theme of peace and is probably followed on most festival and Navratri feels.

kanjivaram silk saree

white red kanjivaram silk saree

Multi colored lehenga cholis which are ever green and are in new fashion to be wore on navratri special days. Following are some best lehengas, click on the iimage to get one for yourself now!!

yellow lehenga choli

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